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This is a Two-Step Process. First complete the contact information, then pay your registration at the store.

Payment is through the Dwolla payment network – a secure method developed especially for non-profits. Why Dwolla? Dwolla transfers money from your bank – using the same code numbers that are on your personal check. (Note: it must be a US bank.) When you pay with Dwolla, you share only your email address, phone number or unique Dwolla ID. None of your personal information is shared with anyone. Ever. No credit or debit cards are used, which keeps fees low. For more information, see Dwolla info. If you don’t want to share your bank information, there are two options. (1) Register By Mail or (2) sign up for your Dwolla account ahead of time — select the “Deposit Verification” method to verify your account. It will take a few business days but then you will have an established Dwolla account and won’t have to do verification again.

Final registration deadline is July 17.

FESTIVAL REGISTRATION (Workshops,lodging and meals included)
Category Registration Rate
Dorm Participant $400
Dorm Non-Autoharper $295
Tent or RV Participant $310
Tent or RV Non- Autoharper $205
Staying Off Site (Meals Only) $265
Staying Off Site Non- Autoharper $160
Single Day Fee (Workshops concert two meals) $120

Questions? Call or email Dave Robison, 503.312.1186
We will send you a receipt and confirmation shortly after we receive your registration and fees.

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    1. 1. Each individual on site must be registered, at least one person in a party as an autoharp participant. Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult.
    2. No smoking, illegal substances or alcohol anywhere on the grounds.
  • Please let us know who is registering and for which festival option. (Actual purchase takes place on the next page.)
    Festival options (Early Bird Rates) are:
    Dorm Participant Rate $380
    Dorm Non-Autoharper Rate $275
    Tent or RV Participant Rate $290
    Tent or RV Non- Autoharper Rate $185
    Staying Off Site (no lodging) Rate $245
    Single Day Fee(no lodging) $100 per day

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